DNA Repair

Product Description

DNA Repair is a blend of platinum transition group metals with 131 micronutrients including ionic minerals and amino acids designed to support cellular energy production and to promote overall health by restoring certain deficient nutrients creating balance and homeostasis. DNA Repair uses orbital rearranged molecular elements that are produced naturally in volcanic soils and plants grown in volcanic soil. These super-conductive monatomic elements also exist in the human body, especially the nervous system.

These monatomic elements REPAIR DNA STRANDS these include the ends of the DNA call telomeres. If the telomeres shorten as they do with age, faulty information will be passed on the genetic code causing future cells to be weaker, more easily damaged by oxidative stress (cells die prematurely causing organ/gland dysfunction and disease) , and more prone to abnormal cell formations like cancer. Research suggests that the monatomic elements unique, super-conductive properties increase the speed and efficiency of inter-cellular communication and the creation of photons, therefore enhancing the immune system’s ability to destroy pathogens.

Every cell in your body is replaced in about 1 year. This means that you reap what you sow. If it is a stressful lifestyle which breaks the 7 Basic Steps to Total Health™ day in and day out you are planting seeds of destruction. On the other hand if you are living the 7 Basic Steps to Total Health™ lifestyle then you are planting seeds of life that will bring forth more life.

The key point is this: you want to make sure that every cell that is replaced in 1 year is a cell that is coded with a new “Total Health” blueprint that will ensure that the cells will pass on the new information in the genetic DNA structure so that the cells become healthier each year instead of getting becoming more disease prone. The key to this whole process lies within the genetic code which is the DNA of the cells.

What you want to do is make sure that the work you put into healing your body is permanently encoded in the DNA. What this means is similarly to working on your computer to write a letter and desiring to save that letter for future reference you must save the file on the hard drive of the computer so it is never lost. The same goes with your cells when they reproduce. Everything possible must be done so that with each successive cell replication maintains the improved health of the cell before it or the prior generations of cells of each and every organ, gland and tissue. This is what DNA Repair targets: that the health you achieve while living the 7 Basic Steps to Total Health™ and undergoing the teaching/treatment program is in a sense STORED ON THE HARDRIVE OF YOUR DNA genetic blueprint. If this occurs then you will actually get healthier as you age instead of breaking down and becoming more prone to disease.
What good is it to get healthy if your DNA genetic blueprint cannot produce that improved health in the cells 1 year from now? 5 years from now? 10 years from now?
This is the purpose of DNA Repair

The monatomic elements in DNA Repair have also shown to increase Alpha brain-wave production.


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