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This CD series covers the nine blockages that prevent the Truth from flowing from spirit to mind into the body to bring healing of the body, mind and spirit. When you have renewed your mind with the Truth taught on this series, the lies cannot stop you from healing ever again.

The blockages/bondages that are covered so that you can walk in freedom in each area are:

  • World
  • Ego
  • Personality
  • Flesh
  • The Five Senses
  • False Belief Systems
  • Religion
  • Time
  • Space

Once you know the Truth in these nine areas of your life, you will be free.

Complete Outline of the How To Know You Are Healed series:

How To Know You Are Healed Overview

How You Will Know When You Are Healed
Who Are You?
To Know in the Heart vs. Knowledge of the Mind
What is Truth?
What is Reality?
What is our Reality based on?
How Your Reality Can Be Changed
Knowledge vs. Knowing
Words of the World vs. Spirit
The Truth vs. The Lie
What is a Dis-ease?
How Healing Flows
Whatever You Feed Grows
Whatever You Starve Dies
Issues of the Heart

  • World
  • Religion
  • Flesh
  • Senses
  • Ego
  • Personality
  • Belief Systems
  • Time
  • Space

How to Overcome the World
How to Overcome Religion
How to Overcome the Flesh
How to Overcome the Senses
How to Overcome the Ego
How to Overcome the Personality
How to Overcome the Belief Systems
How to Overcome Time Past/Future
How to Overcome Space
How to Know You are Healed
How to Be led by the 6th and 7th senses
How to See God in your healing
How to Fast from anything that binds you
How to Be still (quiet your mind)
How to Make ALL decisions from a heart filled with love/joy/peace not a mind filled with fear


Knowing comes from inside of you

Knowledge comes from outside of you

Once you KNOW something that has been revealed to you, you will never not KNOW it

Knowledge vs. Knowing

Physical realm vs. Spiritual realm

Words of the World vs. Spirit

What is a Dis-ease?

What is the World?

Examples of the World

World vs. Spirit

Knowledge as man perceives with his mind

Truth as known in the heart

Seeing everything from a spiritual point of view

Word of God spoken into the heart

World – A System of facts and learned knowledge all based on those laws and senses

Spirit- A System of truth and inner knowing based on those senses and law

Low Energy- A Person Who is Healing

Low Energy- A Negative Person

High Energy- A Person in Total Health, balanced in body/mind/spirit

The Ways the World tries to come into You

Who Heals You?
How To Take the action steps that lead to life, Health, Healing

How To Make the Right Choice

What is a Miracle?

How to Experience Miracles

How to Overcome the World System

How do we Live in the World and Not Have the World in You

How to Practice Solitude

How to Practice Silence

How to Fast

How to Let Go and Flow

How to Be led by a pure, truth filled heart not a knowledge filled mind

How to See yourself as God sees you

One Person Can Change The World

How You can change your world when you change yourself

How You will know the TRUTH that will set you free from disease


What is the Ego?
Ego filled mind led to the first negative emotion Fear, and it is from Fear that all other negative emotions stem from
Ego/Self Mindset Produces
Division instead of unity
Good of Self instead of good of the whole
Ego is to the Mind what the Flesh is to the Body
Ego and World
How the Ego is strengthened by the 5 senses
Ego and Personality
How Self driven mind builds itself up to reinforce the Ego
Ego and Belief Systems

How Ego being fed by what has been taught

How Ego being fed by what has been passed down

How Ego being fed by trying to be better than everyone else, by succeeding, by becoming somebody

Ego and Religion

Ego and Time
Two Sides of Ego
Who am I?
What Does the Mirror Do?
How to Overcome the Mirror
How Do You Overcome These Ego-Tests
What Do You Need to Die to?
How Do You Die to Something that Binds You?
Go with the Flow
What Does the Ego Need to Thrive?
How The Ego/Self Driven Mind Always Attaches an Outcome
What is Suffering?
How to Be Set Free from the Ego/ Self Driven Mind
How to Know your purpose in life.
How to See yourself as part of the whole
How to Be led by a truth filled heart
How to Change your perceptions
How to Let Go
How to Receive only to give
How to Have your foundation in the truth
How to See God in everything
How to See the Big picture in life
How to Fast and Pray to be set free and hear the voice of God, the voice of truth
How to See the Big Picture as God Sees It
How to Breaking the Mind Barrier
How to Separate from the Ego/Self Filled Mind
How to Die to what Feeds the Ego
The Seven Steps of Overcoming the Ego
How to Hear the Voice of God
How to Still the Ego/Self/World filled mind
How to Be patient
How to Have no expectation
How to Let go of past/future
How to Be present in the moment
How to Be open to change your perceptions
How to Have a pure heart


What is the Flesh?
Three Aspects of the Flesh
States of the Mind




States of Brain Activity
Alpha State
Where Negative Energy Stores in
Where Negative Energy Originates from
What Negative Energy is Linked to
What Negative Energy Causes
Negative Stored Mental Patterns
Negative Stored Emotions
How to Know You are Bound by the Flesh
Truth about the Bondages
Flesh- Any Bondage that has taken Physical Form
The Greatest Bondage of the Flesh
Why Do I Have Food Cravings?
What part of you wants Sugar?
Anatomy of the Flesh
Why Do We Feed the Flesh?
Have You Given Your Authority over to Your Flesh-filled Mind?
Whatever You Feed Grows
Whatever You Starve Dies
What is the greatest benefit to starving the flesh?
How to Remove the Unconscious Triggers of the Flesh
HowThe Physical (Flesh) has No Control Over the Spiritual, Only the Mental and Emotional States
How You Can Overcome the Flesh (Negative Mind/Emotions Body) How to Be Who You were Created to be
How to Feed the Conscious Mind the Right Way
How to Feed the Unconscious Mind the Right Way
How to Not Feed the Mind the Wrong Way
How to Feed the Emotions the Right Way
How to Not Feed the Emotions the Wrong Way
How to Feed the Body
Action Steps to be Set Free from the Flesh
How to Overcome the Flesh
How to Fast the Conscious Mind
How to Fast the Negative Emotions
How to Fast the Body
Keys to Overcoming the Flesh
How to Know Who You Are
How to Know Who You are Not
How do you know that you are healed?
How to Pray
How to Hear the Voice of God

Five Senses

Purpose of the 5 senses
Positive Aspects of the 5 Senses
Negative Aspects of the 5 Senses
Sight-Positive Aspects
Positive Aspects of Sight
Negative Aspects of Sight
Positive Aspects of Hearing
Negative Aspects of Hearing
Positive Aspects of Touching
Negative Aspects of Touching
Positive Aspects of Smell
Negative Aspects of Smell
Positive Aspects of Taste
Negative Aspects of Taste
How to Overcome the 5 Senses
How to Work on the Negative Conscious/Unconscious Mind and Override or Rewrite the Stored Mental/Emotional Pattern
How to Fast the Eyes
How to Fast your Ears
How to Fast the Smell/Taste
What is the 6th Sense?
How to Operate in the 6th Sense
What is the 7th Sense?
How to Operate in 7th Sense
How to Operate in the 6thand 7th Senses
Tests for 6th Sense Intuition
Tests for 7th Sense
How to Live by the 6th and 7th Senses
How to See the Big Picture as God Sees It
Breaking the Mind Barrier
How to Pass the Test vs. falling into the Temptation
The Keys to Overcoming the 5 Senses


What is your personality?
Nine Personality Types

  • Love
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Hope
  • Grace
  • Power
  • Faith
  • Victory
  • Freedom

How to Know Which Personality Type You Are

How to be all that God Created you to be with your personality type

Love-In Balance
Love – Statements, Out of Balance, Warning Signs, Pathological
Joy- In Balance
Joy- Statements, Out of Balance, Warning Signs, Pathological
Peace-In Balance
Peace- Statements, Out of Balance, Warning Signs, Pathological
Hope-In Balance
Hope- Statements, Out of Balance, Warning Signs, Pathological
Grace-In Balance
Grace- Statements, Out of Balance, Warning Signs, Pathological
Power-In Balance
Power- Statements, Out of Balance, Warning Signs, Pathological
Faith-In Balance
Faith- Statements, Out of Balance, Warning Signs, Pathological
Victory-In Balance
Victory- Statements, Out of Balance, Warning Signs, Pathological
Freedom-In Balance
Freedom- Statements, Out of Balance, Warning Signs, Pathological
Love-Action Steps
Joy –Action Steps
Peace- Action Steps
Hope-Action Steps
Grace- Action Steps
Power-Action Steps
Faith-Action Steps
Victory-Action Steps
Freedom-Action Steps
Path to Freedom
Living Life in Freedom
How to Let Go of Ego/Self
How to Let go of Your Mask and Become who you really are
How Your Personality can heal you
How to Know Who You Are
How to Know Who You are Not
The action steps of healing body/mind/spirit
Levels of Letting Go

Belief Systems

Belief Defined
Where Did Our Belief Systems Come From?

  • Our Family
  • Our Friends/Relationships
  • The World System
  • Our 5 Senses
  • Our Ego

What Our Belief Systems Are Based On

We assume that our family words are true

We assume our friend/relationships words are true

We assume the world system is true

We assume the information gathered by the 5 senses is true

We assume everything that is filtered through our ego is true

Beliefs of the Past
Beliefs of the Present
How Our False Belief Systems Are Changed
How to Choose Your Path-Be Proactive
How Do You Change Your Past?
How Do You Let Go of the Past?
Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?
The Path to Healing the Past
Mind Addressed-Three Ways
Mind Tests
Tests-Types and Forms
How to Pass the Test
What is an Addiction
Addiction Hallmark Signs
5 Stages of Overcoming Addictions
Addiction vs. Preference
How to Change a Belief
How to Change Your Entire Belief System


Time-Two Types

  • Physical Time
  • Mental/Emotional Time

All your suffering in life is linked to Mental/Emotional Time
Suffering Defined
Suffering is dependant upon Time Past or Time Future
Physical Time vs. Mind/Emotion Time
Greatest Hindrance to Healing-The Mind
Power of the Ego/Self-filled Mind
Timelessness- What it is and how to live in it
Why most people live 95% of the time in the future or past
Where does God live?
How Do I Know if I am not in the Present Moment?
You will have negative emotions
Emotion defined
Past Time Emotions

  • Resentment
  • Bitterness
  • Guilt
  • Unforgiveness
  • Regret
  • Sadness
  • Grief

Future Time Emotions

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Unease
  • Boredom
  • Tension
  • Frustration
  • Dread
  • Worry

What Creates Negative Emotions?
What Causes Negative Emotions to Arise?
What Triggers Negative Emotions?
What Do Negative Emotions Turn Into?

How to overcome all negative emotions
Emotions vs. State of Spiritual Being
Pain’s Greatest Ally

  • Future-maybe it will never go away
  • Past-What I have done is causing this
  • The Remedy –How to overcome all pain

Three Reasons for Physical Pain
Negative Mind/Emotion-2 Types
Negative Mind/Emotions Cycles
The Way to Break the Cycles
Pain/disease/suffering that you create is some form of resistance to the flow of life, to the present moment
How to Accept the present moment as a gift from God
How to Live every moment as if it were your last moment
Situations that Bring You into the Present Moment
Where All fear stems from
How to still/stop the mind?
How You are Tested in the Present Moment

How You can pass the test in the Present Moment
How you can enter the state of timelessness.
Disease is a result of mental/emotional time future and time past
How to Know that all symptoms, conditions and diseases are caused in part or in whole from your mind, and how to overcome your mind.
Why your mind does not allow you to live in the present moment.
Why animals in nature do not get cancer?
Cycles of Success, Cycles of Failure
Stages in the Journey
How to Know You are Not in the Present Moment
How to Know You are in the Present Moment
How to “Be” in the Present Moment

How to Live Fully in the Moment
How to See God in everything and in everyone


Energy and matter are interchangeable
Matter has three states
All matter is stilled light
Energy becomes matter
All matter has light like properties:
Frequency resonance
Frequency and Wavelength

Two Bodies

  • Energetic body (body of light)
  • Physical body (condensed light into physical form)

All matter has frequency
What is a Tachyon?
Einstein’s Theory of Relativity simplified
Why Einstein called time the fourth dimension
Why time and space are interchangeable
2nd Law of Thermodynamics reversed in healing
Zero-Point Energy
Matter – a condensation of zero-point energy
How each healthy organ/gland/tissue resonates at a particular signature frequency
Energy converts to mass and mass to energy
Energy converts to frequency and frequency to energy
Grand Unified Theory -The “theory of everything”simplified
String theory simplified
Superstring theory simplified
Life is composed of two elements: Energy and Intelligence
Energy is the foundation of matter
Universal Intelligence
All Knowing brings matter into existence, maintains and propagates it’s existence


  • Time bound
  • Space (physical)bound


  • Time bound
  • Not space (physical) bound


  • Not time bound
  • Not space (physical) bound
  • Timeless
  • Spaceless
  • Unmanifest becomes manifest
  • No-thing becomes something

Energy Sources

  • Physical(+/-)
  • Mind (+/-)
  • Emotions (+/-)
  • Life Force
  • Heart
  • Spirit of Mankind
  • Spirit of God

Positive and negative Physical Energy
Positive and negative Mind Energy
Positive and negative Emotions
Blockages of the Heart
Life Force
Spirit of Mankind- Breath of God
Spirit of God=God in You
Who is God?
The Universal Field that Connects All Life
Quantum physics simplified
Energy can be transferred through space
Prayer-Byrd study 400 cardiac patients
Healers and AIDS
Energy changes cause Life changes
Experiments on the cancer virus
Biology and chemistry are altered by physics

Energy Transfer

  • Healers
  • Severely depressed patients

The Less Physical the More Energetic
Biological Transmutation
Where Does God Live?
The Mind Blockage in Healing
The Path to Healing
What is a Healer?
Who is the Healer?
A new paradigm shift, Looking for Healing within yourself
God and You are the healer
What is Dis-ease?

How to know that dis-ease is stored negative energy

How to release the stored negative energy and heal all dis-ease
Death and Life
Dis-ease Causation
Mind vs. Physical Dis-ease Causes
What are Miracles?
Do You Believe in Miracles?

How to Experience Miracles


What is Religion?

Religion vs. Relationship
What is a Covenant?
What is a covenant made of?
Making of a Covenant
Marriage: a Covenant Relationship
Marriage-Two Becoming One
Man’s Purpose
What the two trees in the Garden represent
The tree of life
The tree of knowledge of good and evil
Tree of Life vs. Tree of Knowledge
The Covenants of God
The First Covenant Made
The First Covenant Broken
The Results of the First Covenant Being Broken
God’s Plan-a New/Everlasting Covenant
The Spirit of God Living in us
New/Everlasting Covenant Meal
How to enter into the New/Everlasting Covenant
The Two Commandments of Love
What is Man lacking?
Meaning of Life without God
What is Love?
What is Good?
The Spiritual Law of Opposites
Sickness: Fears and Blessings
Dying and Living
Life and Death
What is heaven?
Purpose of Man
What is Your Purpose in Life?
Who are you?
Do you Know God, are you one with Him?
How do you become whole, complete and lacking nothing in spirit, mind, and body?
What is covenant love?
Four lies that block the flow of life
Four truths that release the flow of life
Why can’t I hear God’s voice?
How to Hear the Voice of God


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