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This series covers the following topics:

Food For Life

After listening to these CDs you will definitely know that you know that you know why living food is the only food for health and healing. The CDs include step by step details on how to make the most powerful health promoting food that heals the body and mind. The health benefits of each food selection are covered extensively. The concept of maldigestion of sugar, protein, and fat leading to toxicity, deficiency and eventual disease is presented. The health benefits of eating enzyme rich living/raw food and how these enzymes regain and maintain vitality and energy are also covered.

Why, What & How To Sprout

The Miracle of Living Food
Sprouts are the MOST POWERFUL food on the planet. They have the perfect blend of bioelectricity (to jump start sick cells back into health), enzymes (which are most critical for every cellular reaction in your body), bio-absorbable carbohydrates, amino acids, essential fatty acids,
phytochemicals, bio-absorbable vitamins and minerals. All these are in a predigested form that absorbs directly into the cells bringing them the highest quantity of oxygen and nutrients leading to vitality and health of every cell. These CDs will cover the tremendous health benefits of each sprout in detail along with the best methods to grow them.

How To Detoxify Your Body

These CDs cover the step by step process of detoxing (getting the stored chemicals and toxins out of) your bowel, liver, gall bladder, kidney, bladder and blood. The tapes go over the sources of toxins, the signs and symptom of toxicity and of detoxing (so you know what to expect). Leaky Gut (which one of the greatest sources of internally produced toxicity and deficiency) is covered along with sources of toxic heavy metals, how to avoid taking them into your body and how to get them out of the body once they have already entered into the tissues and cells.


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