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Cellular Exercise is one that utilizes the forces of acceleration, deceleration and gravity as it strengthens every single cell in the body at the same time. Cellular exercise or rebounding is the ultimate exercise for the immune system causing the circulating white blood cell count to triple. This threefold increase in WBC’s literally means you immune system can consume cancer cells, bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi three times as fast. You can’t imagine how important that is in preventing cancer from growing in your body or stopping it if it has already begun growing. This form of exercise has many health benefits and virtually no risks if performed properly. It can be used by practically everyone no matter what age or health condition. It is very easy to start by just standing on a rebounder and gently health bouncing up and down to progressing to walking, jogging, running and even sprinting all to fit each individuals cardiovascular need. It produces little stress on the joints (up to 87% less than aerobics training), so foot, ankle, hip, knee and back injuries do not occur. According to NASA report published in the Journal of Applied Physiology 49 (5); 881-887, 1980. The conclusion was that “The work output was greater while rebounding than running. The greatest difference was about 68 percent. That sounds pretty impressive, an exercise that is 68 percent more efficient that running without any of the risks of injury of running and can be done in you own home 365 days a year. What are the benefits of rebounding?

  1. Cellar exercise and strengthener of veins and arteries bones internal organs internal glands muscles, tendons and tissues eyes and ears skin
  2. Increases lymphatic circulation
  3. Increases strength
  4. Increases endurance
  5. Increases cardiovascular fitness
  6. Increases weight loss
  7. Increases balance, coordination, rhythm and timing


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