Sally & George, In The Beginning “Going Deeper” (Audio Series)


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Sally & George -Introduction

We have two natures once we have entered a covenant relationship with God our Father in Heaven through our Lord, Savior and Covenant Representative Jesus Christ. The first is our true nature, perfect in every way because it is who we are being a member of the Family of God. The other is our old nature apart from Christ which has been called the flesh, old man or sin nature. In this audio series we have made this old nature more personal and real by calling it by the random names of sally & george. By giving this sin nature a name, it enables us to be aware, awake and alert to the lies it speaks in our mind trying to take control of our life and in doing so stealing, killing and destroying our living life as a true son or daughter of our Father in Heaven.

Sally & George- Part 1

sally and george are the random names we chose to represent the memory of the lie that lives within us. Before you came to Christ the memory of the lie had full power over you. Once you entered into the covenant relationship with your Abba-Father through your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the power the memory of the lie had over you was broken. This memory of a lie can still have power over you if you choose to give it power once again by thinking on the lies that it speaks to you. The answer is found in taking captive every thought and making it obedient to Christ- Is this Truth or lie?

Sally & George- Part 2

Once you truly understand what covenant means you will be set free from the lies of the mind. Once you have entered the Family of God you have all the birthrights that a son or daughter of God possess. For you this means when you are “in Christ,” in your new nature, you are perfect, and the Father sees you just as He sees His Son Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit of Truth now lives within you to reveal all Truth in every situation or frustration. As Jesus is in this world so are YOU.

Sally & George- Part 3

The Laws

  • The Law of the Spirit of Life- The Holy Spirit
  • The Law of Loving God (who is ONE, the only choice) with all your heart, soul, mind and strength • Loving your neighbor as God loves them
  • The Law of Faith- Trusting the TRUTH and the Father’s Love for you in everything

Sally & George- Part 4

The sally or george life you once lived was your story but once you have come to Christ you can change your story because Jesus changed everyone story and now you believe that God believes that you can change your story. Since God believes in you, now you can trust in His belief instead of your own. Remember you are already perfect in His eyes and because God is One you will always be perfect in His eyes. You can never fail so go and persevere until His kingdom come His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven in every part of your life. You have dominion because you have HIS STORY.


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