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Because the SEMB™ remedy is made from it. SEMB™ is an energetic formula that is customized for all your imbalances, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Every cell of you body resonates at a certain frequency. There are different frequencies for different glands, organs and tissues. These frequencies are like radio stations. If you’re not on the exact station, you cannot hear the words or music being transmitted. Your body is the same. If physical, environmental, dietary, lifestyle, mental or emotional stresses are put upon us, it throws glands, organs and tissues out of the optimal frequency for health. When you take the SEMB™, you are returning every organ, gland and tissue to their optimum frequency. This then allows normal function or balance to return to the body-mind complex. SEMB™ can aid in healing any physical, mental and emotional areas that are out of balance.


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