Seven Basic Steps to Total Health™ Audio Series and Study Guide


This CD series shows the path to healing body, mind and spirit by balancing the physical, then mental/emotional and spiritual.

One cannot heal unless they understand that everything in their life has a physical, mental/emotional and spiritual component. To heal and stay in total health all three must be seen as one. All three must be healed as one.

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This CD series shows the path to healing body, mind and spirit by balancing the physical, then mental/emotional and spiritual.

One cannot heal unless they understand that everything in their life has a physical, mental/emotional and spiritual component. To heal and stay in total health all three must be seen as one. All three must be healed as one.

CD’s include:

  • Seven Basic Steps to Total Health™ Overview
  • Air/Oxygen/Breathing
  • Water
  • Food
  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Fasting/Detoxification
  • Prayer/Meditation/Stillness
  • Seven Basic Steps to Total Health™ Action Plan

This series shows you step by step what is best to promote total health and healing. Once these seven basic steps are mastered, healing and total health are natural byproducts.

Complete Outline of the 7 Basic Steps to Total Health™ series:

7 Basic Steps to Total Health™ Overview

Why do so many people not heal?

How to Walk The Path to Healing

Energy- The Flow of Life, Health

The Anatomy of Dis-ease

Why do we address healing from the body first then the emotions and then the mind?

What is your body?

When you take drugs, hormones what message are you giving your body?

How does your body talk? With Symptoms, Conditions and Dis-ease.

Referral Symptoms


Oxygen Facts

  • Oxygen is the most crucial nutrient our body needs to maintain health.
  • Up to 96% of our nutritional need come from oxygen, the other 4% comes from food
  • You need about 1 cup of oxygen per minute while resting and 2 gallons per minute while exercising vigorously
  • Your brain which makes up 2% of the body mass requires over 20% of the bodies oxygen needs
  • The average man consumes 8lbs. of oxygen, 4lbs. of food and 2lbs. of water per day

Why is oxygen so important?

  • Oxygen destroys pathogens
    (bacteria, virus, parasites, fungus and cancer)
  • As the amount of sugar/protein/fat increases in the body the amount of oxygen decreases inversely
  • As oxygen increases endorphins increase (natural pain killer, and mood balancer), neuropeptides (cell to cell communication) increase, insulin levels increase, blood pH balances, hypertension decreases, toxins are removed quicker, lymphatic drainage increases, blood flow increases, immune system balances, energy improves, metabolism balances, anxiety lifts, mind/emotion balances, memory improves and brain chemistry balances

How do we become oxygen deficient?

How Can You Increase Your Oxygen Content?

Types of Breathing

Four Phases of Breathing How to Breathe For Total Health


Water is the most basic chemical component of all living things.

Water Facts and How to Change the Facts

  • Dehydration is one of the most common causes of hospitalization among persons over the age of 65.
  • Half of these people die within one year of admission.
  • Total body dehydration seems to be the hallmark of aging.
  • 80% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.
  • The #1 trigger of daytime fatigue is lack of water.
  • A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger loss of short-term memory.
  • Chronic dehydration is the root of many serious diseases including asthma, renal dysfunction, endocrine dysfunction, adrenal exhaustion, high blood pressure, cardiovascular dysfunction, ulcers, pancreatitis, digestive dysfunction, arthritis and back pain.
  • Dry mouth is the very last sign of dehydration.
  • Dehydration causes mental/ emotional stress and mental/emotional stress causes dehydration.

Water is the most abundant substance in the body.

What is Water?

Water Content

Daily Water Loss

Thirst is Not an Accurate Indicator for Water Need

Fluids of the Body that Need Proper Water Intake

Signs and Symptoms of Dehydration

Sub-clinical Dehydration

Highest Water Intake Needs

Mind/Emotional Symptoms of Dehydration

Toxic Water

Three Types of Health Risks from Water

What Water is Best?

Conditions Proven to Improve with High Water Consumption

How Much Water Per Day?

What can you do about your tap water?


Food – Types

Living, Raw, and Cooked

Why is Living Food the Best?

The Miracle of Living Food

Living Sprouts vs. Raw vs. Cooked

The Greatest Miracle of Living Food

Raw Food

Cooked Vegetable Food

Cooked Animal Food

Plant vs. Animal Food Diet

Raw vs. Cooked

Dr. Francis Pottenger conducted a research project to see the differences in health benefits in raw food versus cooked food. Cooked food consumers developed the diseases: heart disease, cancer, pneumonia, diabetes, thyroid disease, kidney disease, liver disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, diarrhea, decreased sexual interest and paralysis.

The Physical Environment for Healing

Hippocrates the father of medicine said,

“Let your food be your medicine.”

The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease. -Thomas Edison

How Many Milligrams? What Percent of RDA?

Lessons from Nature

Foods you want to eat

Foods you do not want to eat

Sugar – Death to the Immune System

Living/Raw Food vs. Cooked

Digestive Leukocytosis – a rise in the white blood cell (WBC) count that begins 30 minutes after a meal when cooked or processed food has been consumed.

How to Overcome one of the greatest physical blockage to your wholeness, your total health in body, mind and spirit- your FOOD Addiction.


How Important?

Sleep Facts

  • In 1910 average American night sleep was 9.5 hours. In 1975 it had dropped to 7.5 hours. Now it has dropped to 6 hours and 54 minutes.
  • 67% of Americans have sleep disorders, a 33% increase in the last 5 years.
  • 70 million Americans suffer from Insomnia.
  • Sleep Disorders-Insomnia, Sleep apnea, Restless-leg syndrome, Narcolepsy affect over 112 million Americans.

How lack of sleep causes:

  • Overweight.
  • Increases all craving/addictions to food.
  • Increases chances of diabetes.
  • Decreases fertility and makes one impotent.
  • Raises blood pressure.
  • Increases chances of heart disease.
  • Throws your immune system completely off track increasing your chances of developing cancer, infections, autoimmune disease and allergies.

Lack of sleep (less than 9.5 hours)

greatly increases your risk of all diseases along with greatly hindering the process of healing that occurs at night while you are in deep sleep.

When were you designed by God to go to sleep?

When were you designed by God to wake up?

What is the minimum amount you can sleep and still heal, repair and maintain total health in body, mind and spirit?

Sleep and Hormones

How Lack of Sleep Affects the Following


Biorhythms-Cycles of Mental/Emotional/Physical

24-Hour Organ/Gland Cycle

Light-Dark Cycle and Night Work

The worst invention for your physical health

Sleep and the Immune System

Why without the right amount of sleep per night you will age and degenerate 4 times faster.

Sleep and Fat

Sleep and Sugar

Sleep and the Mind

The Stages of Sleep

Health Benefits of Sunlight

What Causes Poor Sleep?

What Can You Do to Sleep Better?

How does the body rest?


Exercise Facts

  • 9 out of 10 Americans get little or no exercise on a daily basis.
  • 40% of Americans are completely sedentary (much higher in the elderly).
  • Only 20% of Americans are said to be active in any reasonable amount.
  • Only 5% of Americans get the amount of exercise needed to maintain health.

10 markers for age that are considered reversible with exercise:

  • Lean body (muscle) mass, strength, body fat
  • Basal metabolic rate, aerobic capacity
  • Blood pressure, blood sugar imbalance
  • Cholesterol/HDL ratio
  • Bone density
  • Body temperature regulation

See how to build muscle mass and strength late in life after age 45 and rejuvenate your WHOLE physiology.

Weight Training and the Elderly

Disuse Syndrome

depression and Exercise

Aerobic capacity, Gravity and Aging

Bone Density in Runners vs. Non-runners

Exercise and Death Rate

Walking vs. Sedentary Life

Walking vs. Running

Types of Exercise

  • Cellular – increased lymphatic flow, makes stronger cell membranes=longer cell life and vitality
  • Cardiovascular – increased heart rate.
  • Strengthening – increased muscle strength and mass.
  • Stretching – lengthening connective tissue, muscles, fascia, tendons.

Benefits of Cellular exercise

Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise.

Benefits of Strengthening Exercise

Benefits of Stretching

The Best Type of Exercise for the Cell

The Best Type of Exercise for Lymphatic Movement

The Best Type of Exercise for Cardiovascular Fitness

The Best Type of Exercise for Strengthening

The Best Type of Exercise for Stretching


What Should You Fast?

Physical Benefits of Fasting

Ancient Fasts for Mind and Body

Hippocrates on Fasting

Resting from Food

A Whole New You-Every cell in our entire body is replaced within one year.

Fasting Burns Up All Nonessential Tissue

You were Designed by God to Be Able to Fast.

The New and Improved You

The Efficiency of Fasting

Deficiency from Dead/Cooked Food

Toxemia the Cause of Disease

Causes of Toxemia

Fasting-The Secret to Long Life

Fasting Results

Fasting and Chemical/Poison Elimination

Fasting and the Mind

The Power of Fasting and Living/Raw Food Diet

Types of Food Fasts

How the Body Eliminates Toxins and Waste Products

What Determines the Length of a Fast?

How to Fast the Body

What to Expect When You Fast From Food

How to Fast the Conscious Mind

How to Fast the Negative Emotions


What is Prayer?

Belief and Healing Rate

Types of Prayers and cancer Cells

Directed vs. Non-directed Prayer

Wound Healing and Prayer

Spontaneous Regression of cancer and Prayer

Directed Prayer-5 Steps

Prayer Studies -How Genes Can Be Altered By Prayer

How Prayer can change your destiny.

Relaxation and Meditation Techniques

Power of Intercessory Prayer

Prayer Studies – The Power of Spoken Words

Study on Prayer Types

Nine Prayer Types

Why Prayer is not confined to time or space.

What is prayer really?

How to Pray Most Effectively

How to still the mind

How to Hear the Voice of God


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