Total Health Equals Wholeness Book


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by Dr. Keith & Laurie Nemec

–An insightful book filled with cutting edge information on all aspects of living in total health and wholeness.

“This book was written out of an extension of a relationship between myself and the Living God. No matter what your beliefs are there are spiritual, mental, and emotional concepts that can give you a greater revelation in your own spiritual, mental and emotional journey. The physical health topics covered will be life changing for your body if you adopt them into your lifestyle. One last comment: The man or woman who has an open mind and heart and seeks revelation will find it and sometimes in the most unlikely places.”

From the Forward, Dr. Keith Nemec


  1. Health, Wellness, and Wholeness
  2. Disease
  3. My Health: Where Did I Lose It?
  4. The Interrelation of Total Health
  5. Wholeness Assessment
  6. You Are What You Eat
  7. Water And Air
  8. Toxicity – The Modern Day Cause of Disease
  9. Spiritual Health
  10. Mental Health
  11. Nutritional Health
  12. Digestive Health
  13. Assimilative Health
  14. Eliminative Health
  15. Circulative Health
  16. Immune Health
  17. Oxidative Health
  18. Organ/Gland Health
  19. Light and Energy
  20. Recommendations for Wholeness


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