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The VitaMix is a critical piece of equipment to maintain your health in this day and age. The reasons are as follows:

1.) The soil is extremely depleted. It takes 75-150 servings of spinach consumed today to get the same nutritional benefit as ONE serving in 1940. One might respond, “Then all I have to do is take more vitamin and mineral pills.” This is not the answer. Vitamins and minerals do not absorb into the body unless they are in the food form. They actually become toxic to the body. The Swedish Fox study confirms this. In the study two groups of silver foxes were fed identical diets, except the first group was given synthetic B vitamins, whereas the second group was given brewer’s yeast which is very high in naturally occurring B vitamins. The foxes in the group given synthetic vitamins failed to grow, had extremely poor fur and developed many diseases. The second group given the whole food form of the vitamin grew normally, had beautiful fur and maintained good health. The reason you do not absorb the vitamin and mineral supplements is because they are inorganic. Inorganic means from the ground or earth. When a broccoli plant grows, its roots reach down into the dirt and draw up the inorganic minerals like calcium. This inorganic calcium is changed by the miracle of life into organic (living) calcium once it has been transformed in the cells and tissues of the plant. This is why, when you eat the raw/uncooked broccoli, you are absorbing the organic (living) calcium into your body. When you take calcium supplements, they are always inorganic (from the earth) and nonliving. The body cannot accept this form. It is the same to the body as if you were to try to eat dirt. You cannot digest and assimilate the inorganic minerals in the dirt. Only the plants can do this. When you eat the plants, which have transformed the inorganic minerals (dirt) into organic (living) minerals, all these minerals are then absorbed into your body and used for cell, gland and organ functions to keep you healthy and whole.

2.) Because the soil is so depleted, even when you eat broccoli or spinach, you are still going to become vitamin and mineral deficient, unless you eat 75-150 servings per day. You say “That’s impossible, how can anyone survive and thrive?” The answer is found in the digestive process. For example, when we eat spinach, the average American’s digestion is so poor it only assimilates, or absorbs, about 5% of the spinach consumed. This is because most Americans have:

  • Leaky gut syndrome,
  • Excessive mucus coating their digestive tracts due to poor diet,
  • Organ/gland dysfunction due to overloaded digestive strain (poor food choices),
  • Nerve/energetic blockages to the digestive tract,
  • Organ/gland dysfunction due to lack of organ/gland movement,
  • Toxicity build-up in the body, and
  • Mental/emotional stress causing maldigestion/malabsorption.

So how can we change the absorption from 5% into 95%, an increase of 1900%? At a 1900% increase in digestion we would more than make up for the deficiency in the soil because of the following: Spinach grown today has only 1 milligram of iron available. Whereas, in 1940, spinach had 150 milligrams of iron available. Because of the inefficiency of the digestive tract as stated above, one could only absorb 5% of the 150 milligrams. This means a net gain of 7.5 milligrams that are usable in the tissues. Now we can take the 1 milligram of iron and break down the plant fibers 1900% more. This 1 milligram would have the same biological value as 1900mg of iron because it would be released at the cellular level. This is the miracle of less becoming more.

The VitaMix is a piece of equipment that will break down food to the cellular level. Your teeth could never do this. To even come close you would have to chew each bite of food 100,000 times. Because of the speed and power of the VitaMix, it can break down food to the cellular level quickly without producing heat and destroying enzymes. This is how you can thrive in a deficient world. You can thrive because you will be absorbing 1900% more of everything you put through this piece of equipment. In this way, less becomes more and you continue to heal and be in health.

A typical person digests between 10-20% of what they put in their mouth. If one had perfect digestion, which few on the planet have, one would digest about 35% of what they consumed. This is why the Vitamix is so important. When you put the ideal food into it, which is living/raw plant food, it will break it down fast enough not to produce heat and destroy the life giving nutrients and enable you to digest 90-95% of your meal. This is how we can thrive in a deficient world. We need the proper equipment to get all the enzymes and nutrients out of the food. You would have to eat 75-150 servings of spinach today to get the nutritional content of one serving in 1940. So then how can we survive and thrive? Break down the food to the cellular level with the proper equipment and you bring the enzymes, nutrients and digestion to tremendously higher levels. The Vita-Mix ruptures food cells down to a microscopic level, making more of the health-giving nutrients locked inside readily available for digestion. Without breaking down the food cells with your Vita-Mix, more of the nutrients will pass through your body without providing you with any nourishment. This equipment can increase the enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients absorbed into the body tenfold.


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