Rate Your Immune System


Any symptom in the list below is important because it means that there is an environment in your body that now can open the door to disease.

Most people in America assume because they feel good and don’t have any major symptoms that they are healthy.  Few things can be further from the truth.  How do you know you don’t have cancer or aren’t about ready to drop dead from a heart attack?  The answer is NOT “I just had a checkup and the doctor said I am in great shape” because tests cannot pick up disease until it reaches a certain stage of development. For example a thyroid gland has to be over 40% out of function before it can be picked up on blood tests.  How many people just had a normal EKG and dropped dead of a heart attack that very day?  How many people look like the picture of health exercising daily, going to the health club and are dead in one year from metastasized cancer?  Even top medical sources state that 80% of disease can already be present before your first symptoms begin. So what is the answer?  Become proactive with your health and your life, because your total health of body, mind and spirit is your life so you must guard them carefully. If you have any of these symptoms it is not too late to prevent disease from manifesting. This is what we do at Total Health Institute. We treat the cause and not the effect (the symptom, condition or disease).

Proactive vs. Reactive

A proactive person chooses to make changes in his life because he knows in his heart that he is supposed to.  A reactive person makes changes in his life only if he has to.

A proactive person cherishes the gift of health and guards it with the proper action steps that God has put in his heart.  A proactive person thinks about his family, how he can impart to them the highest quality of life, and meets any challenge (health or otherwise) with the intent to overcome and grow better from the experience.  A reactive person is quite the opposite.  He thinks he is healthy and doesn’t have to do anything for his health unless his symptoms or conditions start to interfere with his lifestyle (‘if it isn’t broke don’t fix it’ mentality).  When health challenges come his way he sees them as work and questions “why did this happen to me?”  Fear and doubt make their home in his mind.

Is it easier to catch a ball when you first drop it and it is six inches from your hand or to wait until it six inches from the floor?  The choice is up to you, to choose health or eventual disease, to choose life or death, but remember, no choice is to choose eventual disease.

Cause – Effect 

Mow the dandelions and they look good but what have you really done?  Spread more dandelion seed all over your lawn.  To get rid of the dandelion you must pull it out by the root.  The root is the cause the flower is the effect.  What is the cause of cancer and all other diseases?  Spiritual, mental, emotional blockages and toxins, poor diet and lifestyle.  You cannot cut any of these out with a knife. The effect is the symptoms, conditions and diseases but the cause is imbalance in the Five Systems:

  1. 1.   Nervous System
  2. 2.   Immune System
  3. 3.   Hormonal System
  4. 4.   Digestive System
  5. 5.   Elimination/Detoxification System

Once you find (with the testing) remove the blockage(with treatment or products or both) in these five systems and balance the mental/emotional state you have made an environment where you can now begin to heal.

Rate your symptoms from 0-3





If you have mostly 1’s then products and the Seven Basic Steps to Total Health should be able to resolve most of the minor symptoms.

If you have more 2’s and 3’s then you will usually need our comprehensive examination and treatment along with products and the Seven Basic Steps to Total Health

Immune System Symptoms

–      Excessive fatigue

–      Poor immune response

–      Insomnia

–      Indigestion

–      Food allergies

–      Fat accumulation around the mid-section

–      Increased blood sugar levels

–      Sugar, bread or carbohydrate cravings

–      Bloating

–      Fluid retention

–      Gas

–      Weight gain

–      Crave protein

–      Cold hands and/or feet

–      Do not like to exercise – stay sore

–      Heal slowly

–      Gums bleed

–      Edema, swelling in legs

–      Crave fats, oils

–      Dry skin

–      Respiratory problems – asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, COPD

–      Pain

–      Numbness

–      Weakness

–      Burning

–      Tingling

–      History of lactose/gluten intolerance

–      Cravings for foods: proteins, fats, starches

–      Cravings for sugar, grains, dairy products

–      Sensitive to air pollutants like perfumes, smoke, etc.

–      Dizziness when standing suddenly

–      Night sweats

–      Very thirsty, wake up during the night to drink water

–      Fatigued in general

–      Indigestion 1-3 hours after eating

–      Fatigue tiredness after eating

–      Lower bowel gas

–      Alternating constipation and diarrhea

–      Diarrhea

–      Roughage and fiber causes constipation

–      Mucus in stools

–      Poorly-formed stools

–      Foul-smelling stools

–      Dry skin; flaky, brittle hair

–      Acne

–      Food allergies

–      Difficult to gain weight

–      Desire to eat, even when not hungry

–    Hungry very often with cravings

–      Foul-smelling stool

–      Not having one bowel movement for each meal

–      Constipation

–      Sour taste in mouth

–      Green-, black-, and/or white-coated tongue

–      Grey-colored skin

–      Yellow in whites of the eyes

–      Bad breath

–      Body odor

–      Fatigue, sleepiness after eating

–      Water retention

–      Pain in right side under rib cage

–      Dry skin or hair

–      Skin problems

–      Painful bowel movements

–      High blood pressure

–      Dark circles under the eyes

–      Bags under eyes

–      Frequent/recurring colds/flus/infections

–      Vaginal yeast infections or thrush

–      Toe and fingernail/skin fungus

–      Use of antibiotic in past or present

–      White-coated tongue

–      Rashes/hives/skin conditions

–      Allergies/sensitivities

–      Fluid retention/swelling anywhere in the body

–      Retain fluid/legs or feet swell/edema

–      Gums bleed

–      Nose bleeds

–      Swollen lymph nodes

–      Sore throats

–      Cold sores/fever blisters

–      Swollen lymph nodes/glands

–      Breast lumps

–      Ear infections

–      Yeast infections

–      Clogged sinuses/sinus headaches

–      Runny nose

–      Clears throat

–      Recurrent cough

–      Tickle in the throat

–      Bumpy skin on the back of arms