Is God Calling You to Be a Total Health Minister?
Total Health Institute begins the next phase of the vision God has shown Dr. Keith & Laurie Nemec. To spread the message of Total Health of body, mind and spirit worldwide.
To be in total health and minister total health to others you must know that life, health and healing flow from the Holy Spirit through your spirit then into your soul (mind, will and emotions) and finally into your physical body. If there are any blockages in any part of the flow of the Spirit then not only will your mind, will, emotions and body lack but you also will not be able to fully minister to others as God designed you to.
January 13th begins Total Health Institute’s School of Total Health Ministry. Classes will be taken weekly online with live interactive sessions with Dr. Nemec each week. There will be weekly assignments, research papers written, essays written, midterm and final examinations then culminating with a week of intensive instruction in preparation (by staying at Total Health Institute in Wheaton, Illinois in the United States) to become a Total Health Minister. Once graduated you will receive a THM (Total Health Minister) diploma and will part of the worldwide Total Health Institute network with ongoing live internet sessions with Dr. Nemec teaching you how to minister total health to the people God has brought into your path of life.

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